Custom Wine Labels

Do It Yourself Blank Wine LabelsFirst impressions count when it comes to wine packaging, and in-house printing wine bottle labels has never been easier.

Out of all the alcoholic beverages available, wine is seen as the classiest. It should go without saying that a classy drink should have a classy label. This is why when you see all sorts of different wine labels, they are simple. Nothing too fancy, not dozens of different bright colors trying to capture your attention, just a simple look that is appealing and easy on the eyes.

Before getting started on the label, it’s important to know what information it’s mandatory to have. In the U.S., all front wine labels need to have the following:

  • Brand name
  • Type of wine
  • Percentage of alcohol by volume
  • Bottler’s name and address
  • Net Volume of contents shown in millimeters
  • Sulfate warning
  • Government warning

Since it’s mandatory to present this information on the label, a lot of companies like to make two separate labels. One will consist of the information above, and the second label will be the one that has the design on it. Usually, the wine is turned so people see the second label.

Producing Your Own Wine Labels

Without owning a color label printer, you will now have to rely on third-party companies to produce and ship your labels. This makes the process take longer than necessary. In worst-case scenarios, you may receive labels with a mistake on them, forcing you to wait for an extended period of time for the correct labels.

By owning a printer, this will eliminate the wait time and the risk associated with using third-party companies. In turn, your business will be more efficient and save more money.

Depending on the size of the bottle the common wine label sizes are 4″ x 3″ labels and 4″ x 4″ labels.

The design and message on the product tell the customer about your brand. The use of quality images can help customers connect with the brand who have not tasted the wine. The best tool for compelling an engaging message on the wine bottle is a high performing inkjet color label printer.

Inkjet Labels from LabelBasic

Add visual impact to your bottles with our dye-cut blank label rolls.

By owning a color label printer, you can reduce the cost of producing labels. When you work with LabelBasic, we will help you find the printing solution you need so your business can thrive!

We have all different sizes, shapes, and material options whether you’re creating bottle labels for wine or your inventory requires labels for jars or bottles.

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