Standard Roll Size 3" Core 6" OD

Our Standard Roll Labels are the ideal choice for your professional labeling needs, tailored to fit color label printers of smaller sizes yet demanding superior print quality. These rolls are compatible with industry-leading printers, ensuring wide applicability.

Designed with a 3" core and a 6" outer diameter, these standard-sized inkjet roll labels are manufactured to deliver exceptional results with color inkjet printing. They accommodate a variety of labeling tasks, from industrial labels and barcodes to high gloss product labels, providing versatility across different applications.

Our Standard Roll Labels can also adapt to smaller sized label printers by using an external unwinder to feed the label through the back, making them a flexible option for various printing setups.

Whether your projects call for matte paper labels or high-gloss finishes, our selection at LabelBasic meets diverse printing requirements. These standard rolls are crafted for businesses seeking reliable, high-quality labels for their products, branding, or industrial needs.

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