BarTender Starter: Application License + 1 Printer (includes 3 Years of Standard Maintenance & Support)

Starter Edition is a value offering for small businesses and manufacturers that need to quickly and easily generate labels with dynamic data from a database like an Excel or CSV file. Unlike other products in the market, Starter Edition supports multiple users across multiple computers to update and modify templates before sending them to print.


BarTender Starter: Application License + 1 Printer (includes 3 Years of Standard Maintenance & Support)

BarTender gives you the tools to easily and efficiently design labels and templates, configure and connect to data sources and business systems, and launch print commands from any system, OS or device. It helps you automate printing, monitor print status, and supplies, and streamline production while providing complete and secure control of the printing process. And it can ensure the availability of all printing systems with monitoring and reporting.

Powerful design with Intelligent Templates

BarTender’s exclusive Intelligent Templates enable companies to produce a wide variety of flexible label designs without the need to create and maintain hundreds of separate documents. Tell templates, layers and even objects “when to print” based on a single data source or database field, or on multiple conditions. Password-protect layers to prevent unauthorized edits. Share global data fields such as incrementing serial numbers among all documents.

Trusted by hundreds of thousands of companies worldwide

Every industry faces its own evolving regulations and standard practices. Companies around the world trust BarTender to help them meet those requirements with its ease of deployment and secure, configurable technology

Here are just a few examples:

  • BarTender helps chemical manufacturers, distributors and importers meet GHS standards and other important labeling requirements.
  • BarTender helps companies comply with labeling laws for food allergens in the EU and food safety in every country.
  • BarTender is deployed at hospitals, pharmacies, labs, and clinics around the world, enabling data capture and tracking.
  • BarTender is a secure component of FDA-compliant UDI installations for medical device companies; of validated installations at pharmaceutical manufacturers; and of the logistics, warehousing, transportation, compliance and traceability strategies of the world’s supply chains.


Seagull Scientific BarTender

Four editions keep pace with your growing business

BarTender’s four editions enable you to easily upgrade your system as your business grows, without the extra cost and complexity of buying add-on products.

Basic (Free Download) Starter Professional Automation Enterprise
  • Fully featured Enterprise edition for 3 printers and has access to all BarTender features for 30 days.


  • Design and print labels, cards, mag stripe cards and more.Optimize print speed to any printer or marking device.
  • Design data-entry forms that provide data validation and accept print-time input from the keyboard or a barcode scanner.
All Starter features, plus:

  • Read data from CSV files, databases and Excel.
  • Easily search and select records for printing.
  • Encode RFID labels.
All Professional features, plus:

  • Automatically print from any OS, system or device in response to data transactions and SDK requests.
    Design using Intelligent Templates to reduce maintenance.
  • Secure the printing environment with user and group roles.
  • Monitor live print status and view a detailed history of system usage.
All Automation features, plus:

  • Automatically print in response to Web service API or TCP/IP communication.Integrate with SAP and Oracle.
  • Take advantage of centralized system management, browser-hosted printing, centralized template storage with revision control, electronic signature support, full SDK control, smart card encoding and more.
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