E-Cigarette Labels

E-Cigarette LabelsBeing able to create and customize labels for your various e-cigarette products is arguably the most impactful part of logistics. That is because these vaping products are regulated federally (where legal) and must abide by a set code of regulations. Being able to produce your labels in-house will not only reduce cost, but it will also make staying compliant much easier and provide additional benefits.

E-cigarettes are one of the fastest-growing products in today’s market. While labels are important for staying compliant, they are also important for standing out. It has been shown that vape consumers are most interested in flavors and then brands. Having the best packaging for a certain flavor can help you outshine the competition.

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Why Having a Label Printer Helps E-Cigarette Producers

Therefore, to have a successful product, it’s important to distinguish your product from the competition. Working with an artist is the best way to design, test, and perfect eye-catching labels and packaging that will have consumers wanting more of your product. Once you’ve got the visuals done, it’s time to create the labels.

This can be easily achieved with a color label printer. It will be easy to create your labels, as everything from the colors, font, label material, finish and more can all be customized. This ensures all products have the perfect label.

Also, with your very own inkjet color label printer, you can test different labeling strategies to see what works best for each product. It also helps determine the most effective way to display your e-cigarette products to the public. Best of all, you get to do this without additional costs that a third party manufacturer would charge.

Additional Benefits of Producing In-House Labels for E-Cigarettes

As we mentioned earlier, the benefits of printing in-house aren’t just for stylistic purposes. The laws and regulations around vapes is an ever-changing market. Studies are being conducted and laws revisited. As a result, to ensure no delays in shipment you must control the entire label printing process.

Additionally, the cost you get to save through all of this is incredible. With a color label printer, you can have your custom labels ready in minutes with our blank label rolls. Printing on demand allows your business to print e-Cigarette Labels, test, and quickly market new flavors at a minimal cost.

Once you have the blank label rolls and a color label printer, the world is your oyster. You can easily print small runs to test a new label, custom design a unique label for your top distributor, or updating your logo or packaging information seamlessly.

At LabelBasic we have the most extensive supply of color label printers on the market. All of the products listed below are perfect for e-cigarette labels and can be used for a plethora of additional products. Our choices are durable, come with the latest software, and will be there whenever you need a label. Scroll down below to see our top selection of premium label printers.

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