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Name badge printers allow you to create different types of color badges effortlessly. Badges and name tags are not something that is easy to re-order. People in an organization come and go often and as such, it’s always better to have a name badge printer handy.

With a name badge printer at your disposal, you have a machine to print out color tags and badges on-demand and almost instantly as and when needed.

At LabelBasic, we deal in Epson and Primera name badge printers which can be used for all sorts of custom badge or label printing needs. Here are 5 of the most common uses of such printers that you might find important for your organization as well:

Types of Badges or Tags You Can Print with a Name Badge Printer

There are different types of badges or tags one can require. A name badge printer can easily print any of these out as needed:

1. Typical Name Badges

Name badges are a general-purpose utility. You might need a lot of them or different types of them depending on the type and size of the organization.

Typical name badges work best in situations where people who will be using the badges know each other or are at least familiar with each other. A formal introduction can then be established based on the name badge, also saving everyone the trouble of asking for names and giving their own names.

A color logo of the company is usually a great addition to any name badge.

2. Visitor Badges and Passes

Visitors to a facility or workplace must be properly identified. Checks are important for security clearances and other reasons. If you’re able to print your own visitor badges or visitor passes, then it’s a great help.

You can create these badges much more quickly and in smaller quantities. You also get an upper hand by saving time and money in the long run.

You can also customize the designs or colors of these badges depending on the type of visitor it is. Alternatively, you can completely customize the entire badge or pass for each different visitor to the facility.

Some visitor badges can include, among other things, the name, photo, visit date, and the reason for the visit. Some printers can also print expiring name badges. These badges will show a “void” or “expired” notice after a set amount of time automatically.

3. Security Badges

Companies and facilities have areas that are more sensitive than others. It’s important to protect such areas from unauthorized or accidental access. Given there’s some kind of check before any attempt to access any such area, a security badge will clarify whether or not the person can enter the area in question.

A full-color badge printer machine is required for this because usually the levels of security clearances are best identified with the help of colors. This enables security personnel to quickly identify whether or not a person should be accessing a sensitive area much more quickly.

Alternatively, barcodes or other forms of machine-scannable programming can be used right on the badges if entry to a sensitive area is controlled by a scanning or sensor machine.

For example, it’s typical for companies to set up barcode scanners that can automatically scan any barcodes on security badges to determine whether access should be granted or not, based on the security clearance data coded into the scanner software and the clearance level data present within the barcode on the security badge.

4. Conference or Event Badges

Conferences, workshops, events, seminars, and so on – these types of gatherings usually require some sort of badging for identification and security purposes. A name badge printer is the best and most economical way to print out such badges in bulk.

Larger conferences can benefit hugely from custom label printers. Printing your own conference badges, for example, allows you to have much better control over access to the different parts of an event or conference. For example, access to certain sensitive areas can be denied based on barcoded data present on such event badges.

5. Identification Badges (for Employees or Staff)

A color badge printer in-house is perhaps the best way to print out an employee or staff identification badge.

  • Employees get promoted all the time.
  • The workforce sees new entries and sometimes removals.
  • Staff security clearances need to be updated from time to time.

All these reasons make in-house custom label printing the better alternative to getting identification badges printed from elsewhere. Not only does this allow an organization to print employee IDs on-demand, but it also allows them to save time, save money, and have better control over the customization aspects of the ID.

If you are looking for a great name badge printer, take a look at the excellent options on LabelBasic.

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