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Choosing the Right Thermal Ribbons

Thermal Ribbons are the labels needed for thermal printing. This form of printing uses small heating elements to transfer color pigments onto the labels without the use of traditional ink cartridges. When your thermal printer applies heat it melts a coating of ribbon so that it stays glued to the material.

There are 3 common forms of thermal ribbon and it is important to know how they differ.

What Are Thermal Ribbons Made Of?

When it comes to the materials used for these types of ribbons, the most common thermal ribbons use wax, resin, or a combination of the two. Thermal ribbon uses these specific materials because they can withstand a higher heat than traditional paper or other synthetic materials that would be used for inkjet printers.

Which Type Of Thermal Ribbon Should I Choose?

Wax Ribbons - These are great for when you need a label that can survive in a fixed environment without smudging for long periods of time. Wax ribbons are less expensive than resin and are a great solution for retail products. Wax ribbons are generally used for paper labels.

Resin Ribbons - Resin ribbons are incredibly durable and can survive in almost any element. They are also scratch resistant and weather resistant. These are great when you are trying to make clothing labels. Resin ribbons are generally used for synthetic labels.

Wax-Resin Ribbons - This combination of wax and resin ribbons takes the good from both of the aforementioned products. They are perfect for printing labels that will be handled a lot, and that can withstand almost any element. An example would be the label of a beer bottle.

What Should I Look For When Buying Thermal Ribbons?

When it comes to buying any type of labels, the first thing you need to know is the maximum length and width that your printer can use. We offer a bunch of different size options that use both wax and/or resin so you can find the one you are looking for.

Another important size factor to consider is the core of the ribbon. You don’t want to be buying a roll of thermal ribbon that is too wide for your machine.

Finally, you will have to consider what the label or tag is going to be used for. The choice can be complicated to make, especially if it is your first time. If you’re confused, don’t stress. Just contact us and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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