Cannabis Labels

When it comes to labeling cannabis products, the labels must comply with certain local legal requirements. The types of labels on cannabis products have to display certain details about the product and must contain various warning symbols. Without proper labeling, products will not be able to be sold. Due to this, cannabis labels need to be incredibly detailed and generally follow a set template.

Labels are a simple way for customers to figure out all kinds of information before purchasing the product. Therefore, they need to be labeled properly. Here is a brief overview of what cannabis labels should include.

What Needs to be on a Cannabis Product Label?

Depending on where you are located there are usually strict labeling requirements that must be followed when it comes to packaging products. First and foremost, most labels will require you to outline the type of strain it is. This could be indica, hybrid, or sativa. Also, it is usually required to put the strain name here.

Another important detail on cannabis labels is the expiry and packaging date. This helps customers know how fresh the product is. Certain places may not require this, but it is a good practice to add.

Next up is the product detail, this includes the weight as well as the content of the product. So, for instance, the container may have 2 grams of marijuana, 4% THC, and 10% CBD. This will all need to be displayed clearly on the label for customers to see.

Do not forget to put information about your brand with contact details for customers. This is legally required in almost all legal jurisdictions. An email address, website, and phone number will more than suffice.

Last but certainly not least is the warning labels. Generally, this will be a sticker that displays a cannabis leaf alongside a highlighted message displaying the risks associated with cannabis use.

Making sure you follow the right regulations will keep your product on the shelf.

What is the Best Way to Produce Legal Cannabis Labels?

When it comes to the production of cannabis labels, it is of the utmost importance that it is done in house. This is because laws and regulations for this industry are constantly changing. Any delays related to printing labels can lead to a huge loss of income. Being able to control your label printing process can help navigate some of the turbulence that comes with this industry.

To take control of your label printing, we suggest looking at the label printers offered below. Labelbasic has helped several companies create appropriate cannabis labels in multiple countries. These products will all be able to create a label that is consistently well done, quickly printed, and easily customized.

If you have any questions about these products feel free to shoot us a message. Our customer service team is always working hard to help businesses find products that provide them with an incredible return on investment. Our help center is also a great place to look at before purchasing any product.

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