The Best Inkjet Roll Labels

While investing in an inkjet color label printer is important, you must not overlook the importance of buying the right labels for that printer. Inkjet roll labels can come in a wide array of different colors, materials and styles. Understanding the nuances of each of these will allow you to make an informed decision.

Choosing the right kind of label for your products is another way to improve your branding and keep your costs down when it comes to shipping. We’ve written this short but helpful overview to help you find the perfect inkjet roll labels for your printer.

What differences are there with Inkjet Roll Labels?

When it comes to inkjet roll labels, the major differences are seen in the size, the adhesive and material used, and the style of the labels.

In terms of size, the length and width of each label is very important to pay attention to. Certain machines can only handle certain core sizes, so make sure to check your printer requirements before purchasing any inkjet roll labels.

In terms of adhesive, I’m sure you’ve come across labels that peel easily, and others that don’t. This is a result of the adhesive the label uses. The two main kinds of adhesive materials are synthetic (polypropylene, polyester) and paper labels. Synthetic labels generally have a longer shelf life, and use more residue than paper ones. Synthetic labels are also more durable and cheaper.

In terms of style, it’s all about the finish. Labels with a matte coat provide a more refined and sharp design. Polypropylene labels are often waterproof and will visibly show any text that is written. Alternatively, a glossy roll will provide a pop to your labels and add some flair to any package.

Why Do Inkjet Roll Labels Matter?

First and foremost, without any kind of inkjet roll labels you won’t be able to use your machine, so there is a sense of necessity with them. Moreover, we believe they matter just as much in terms of branding. Choosing the right label for your packaging is like picking the color of icing you want to use for your cake. Sure, it doesn’t make the cake, but it certainly adds a stylistic touch that is easy on the eyes.

What kind of Inkjet Roll Labels do I need?

The type of inkjet roll labels you need will largely depend on your printer requirements as well as the style you are trying to achieve.

Here at LabelBasic we have made it easier for online shoppers to find the perfect label for their machine. Simply peruse through our list of label categories and see if your machine is listed. If it is, click on your unit and see the labels we are offering.

If your machine is not directly listed on LabelBasic, don’t fret. Simply look at your user manual (or use google) and find the size requirements for your machine. From there, pick from our extensive label list that fits with many different printers.

Last but not least, helpful customer service is always a click away.

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