Custom Candle Labels

Candle LabelsCandles come in multiple shapes and forms. No matter the shape of your candle, you want the custom candle labels to be unique and eye-popping when people look at it.  

Candles have been used for a long time now. People love pleasant scents. This is why candles are a hot commodity and always will be. How they work has not changed since they were invented. You light up the string at the time and you now have a light and nice smell to go along with it.  

Customizing Candle Labels

No matter what design you choose to go with, you want to include some sort of color-code. This makes it easier for the customers to identify the scent of the candle from a distance.  

Besides color-coding, you want to give each scent an easy to remember name. The name shouldn’t be too long as you want to leave some space for a background.   

For example, if you are going to name a candle “ocean”, you should include a picture of an ocean on the label or make the label blue to match the color of the ocean.  

Different Label Shapes

As mentioned earlier, candles come in different shapes. Because of this, experiment with different label shapes. Oval, square, rectangular, any of these options can work. Keep in mind that depending on the same you use; you may not have enough space to display your entire design. 

For example, if you were to use a diamond shape for your label, you will have less space to work with than you would with a rectangle or square label. To make up for this, the size of the label needs to be increased.  

Creating Labels on Your Own

If you want to make the labels as good as possible, it’s best to create them on your own. This gives you more control over the label design, how many are made, and when they are finished. With more control over the labels, you will be able to create the labels you truly want.  

Label Material

There are three different options you can use for the label material: matte, high gloss, and polypropylene. Each option comes with its own set of benefits.  

Matte Paper

  • Can be written on with permanent ink or ballpoint pens 

Matte/Glossy Polypropylene

  • Oil and water-resistant  

Glossy Paper

  • Adds a vibrant and shiny look to the label 

Don’t believe you can only use one of these options. Mix it up. Use all three options to make the labels stand out even more.  

How LabelBasic Can Help

We at LabelBasic believe that making high-quality labels shouldn’t cost a fortune. When you work with third-party label producing companies, labels cost you much more as compared to making the labels yourself.  

To help your business reach its true potential, we’ll find you a printer that will meet all of your demands at great prices. In the end, your business will generate more revenue and become more efficient. 

Don’t let third-party companies hold your business back, work with LabelBasic, and make your business thrive!

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