Thermal Transfer Labels

When it comes to buying thermal transfer labels LabelBasic has been a trusted name in industry for years. We have a diverse mix of label, core, and roll sizes that makes it easy to find the right labels for your business.

What Are Thermal Transfer Labels?

Thermal transfer labels are similar to direct thermal labels except for where the ink is. With direct thermal labels, the ink is already on the label. However, as you can presume from the name, thermal transfer labels transfer the ink from the printer and onto your label.

What Are the Benefits of Thermal Transfer Labels?

First and foremost, unlike direct transfer labels, thermal transfer labels are able to print color. This gives you significantly more range and customization in terms of your printing capabilities.

On top of that, thermal transfer printing is extremely efficient. It is able to print and have its ink dry much faster than a regular inkjet printer. Thermal printers can print at a speed of over 250mm per second. This absolutely blows the doors off an inkjet printer, which prints at approximately 90mm per second

Lastly, thermal transfer printer labels are known for their high print quality, the durability of the labels and the ink, and the many different environments they can survive in. These are some of the most reliable labels you can find.

What is the Main Disadvantage of Thermal Transfer Labels?

When it comes to printing with color, it is not very convenient. You need to have the corresponding color ribbon for each color you want to print in. This can quickly add up depending on how much you print.

Which Thermal Transfer Label is Right For Me?

Finding the right thermal transfer label will take a bit of help. That’s why we offer friendly customer support to anyone who has a question. Simply use our contact form to send us your messages and a little bit of details about your needs, and we’ll be happy to help you out.

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