Thermal Label Printers

A thermal printer is a popular alternative to the inkjet printer. Inkjet printers will take ink from a cartridge and place droplets at pinpoint locations to create your design or text. On the other hand, a thermal printer uses small heating elements to either activate or transfer pigments to the label.

There are 2 different kinds of thermal printers, the direct thermal printer which is commonly used for receipts, and the thermal transfer printer, which is commonly used for label and barcode printing.

What Are The Differences Between an Inkjet Printer and a Thermal Printer?

Broadly speaking, an inkjet printer is mainly used for personal printing reasons, and to handle the needs of a small business. They are an affordable solution for those who only need to print in small quantities. The cost for these printers and their supplies are easy to get and very affordable.

When it comes to a thermal printer, you are entering into the big leagues of printing. Thermal printers are a lot more versatile and can print anything from your average document to shipping labels, and even marketing graphics.

There are many other differences between the two, but to keep it simple, if you’re just printing a few documents per day, stick with an inkjet printer. When your printer is working around the clock and multiple aspects of your business depend on it, well it’s time to look into the right thermal printer.

What Are the Differences Between a Direct Thermal Printer And a Transfer Thermal Printer?

As we mentioned earlier, there are 2 types of thermal printers. The big difference between the two of them is how the ink and ribbons are applied.

For thermal transfer printers, they use a specific colored ink ribbon which is heated up and then works to transfer your design to the label. Thermal printers are commonly used for labels that need to survive in harsh elements and potential chemical exposures.

Direct thermal printing is a little different than thermal transfer printing. The obvious reason is that direct thermal printing does not require ribbons. Instead, they use a certain kind of label that has a special dye in it. This dye is called leuco dye, and it is clear when you purchase it, but when your direct thermal printer applies heat to it, the dye turns black and forms your design.

Which Printer Is Right For Your Businesses?

When it comes to finding the right printer for your business, it will largely depend on your needs. What we suggest is that you write down what kind of labels you will be printing, how many labels and or documents you’ll be printing per day and the desired shelf life of your label.

From there, simply contact our friendly customer support team. We are constantly working around the clock and answering any questions potential customers may have. All we ask is for a little background information on your needs and we’ll be able to find the perfect printer for your business.

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