Horticultural Labels

Horticultural LabelsMaybe your customer is a farmer. Maybe they just like to grow plants as a hobby. Regardless of their reason for growing plants, horticultural labels and plant labels need to be correct for the customer. Each plant is different and requires different care. With some plants, you can leave them there and they’ll be okay. Other plants, however, need more care in order to grow and be healthy. Sure, it can be easy to identify certain flowers just from the looks, but not all flowers can be easily identified.

It’s not just the plants that need correct labeling – all products need to have the correct label. For example, fertilizer. There are multiple different types of fertilizers available on the market. You can’t use any fertilizer on your plants as certain chemicals inside the fertilizer can kill the plants. Not to mention potential lawsuits. If the product is labeled incorrectly, customers can blame you for the damages and force the business to pay a hefty fine.  

No business wants to go to court. Make sure all the products are correctly labeled.

Don’t Use Third-Party Companies for Horticultural Labels

No matter how good a third-party company is at making labels, it is always better to make your own labels. There are multiple reasons for this but the most important reasons are: 

  • Reduced label costs 
  • The business becomes more efficient 
  • You determine the outcome of your labels 

You can give them the design of the labels, but how they turn out, in the end, isn’t up to you. Maybe something was added to the design that you didn’t ask for. Or a part of the design is wrong/missing. You won’t know about this until you receive the labels from the company, and there’s no telling how long that’ll take. This issue happens more times than these companies like to admit.  

However, by owning a color label printer, you can make high-quality labels that look the way you want them to look without all of the hassles 

What LabelBasic Does to Help Out

To help our customer’s business excel, we eliminate the need to use third-party companies for your labels and give you the power to make them yourself. With a plethora of options to choose from, it can be overwhelming trying to find the right printer.

No need to worry. All the heavy lifting will be done by us and by the end, you will have a printer that meets all of your expectations.

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