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How to Print Your Color Shipping Labels

Getting your product out of the warehouse and into customers’ hands can be the most challenging part of fulfillment for your businesses. With everyone stuck inside, online shopping became one of the most common trends. Everything from swimming pools to groceries could be bought online and delivered directly to your door. But at the core of every order fulfillment has always been the shipping label.

Shipping labels are essential to the logistics process as they help humans and computers quickly describe or illustrate what is inside a package. It also contains essential details such as delivery location, weight, tracking code, sender details, and more.

While shipping labels have always been seen as a bland necessity, the recent popularity of color shipping labels has allowed the shipping label to evolve from purely for information purpose, to a piece of the package containing information and a unique sense of style.

Add Some Pop With a Color Shipping Labels

By incorporating color into your labels, you can take your labels to the next level. A color shipping label can add a vibrant pop to any package or label. The use of color has been proven to evoke brand recognition and influence people’s memory when they see it. Moreover, having your colored logo neatly displayed will only aid in the branding process.

The way we see it, adding some color and creativity can make product labels go from uniform to unique. In a world where getting a customer’s attention is as hard as ever, adding a little color can help capture attention and warrant a purchase.

Incorporating color into your labels is a no brainer. The hard question is this, in-house printing or outsourcing?

Why Printing in-House is the Way to Go

When you first start, it seems tempting to just outsource your labels. You need to figure out all the logistics (carrier, packaging, labels, costs, etc) that any form of outsourcing seems like the best idea. However, this is a cost that keeps mounting up. You pay exponentially more for the amount you print and you are limited in your design options.

Having a color label printer opens a whole new world of possibilities. With an in-house label printer, you can easily have short-run prints and not incur excess charges. You simply just pay for the labels! Moreover, you can also print instantly and try out a new label design whenever. You won’t have to wait for a shipment. With a color label printer, you always have the freedom to print exactly what you want, when you want.

Also, large manufacturers and businesses can add value to their drop ship customers by including their customer’s color logo on the packaging.

Get Your Color Label Printer from Label Basics

Getting a color label printer from label basics is the smart choice. We provide premium label printers that can print quickly, handle a heavy workload, and stay durable. By adding one of our printers to your process, you can improve organization, draw attention to your products, and reduce costs.

If you’re looking for great labels to go with your printer, our permanent label adhesive ensures that your shipping label sticks and stays on for the whole ride.

Leave a good first impression with your customers and stand out from the competition with color shipping labels today. To get started, view one of our premium label printer options available below.

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