Label Counters

One of the most tedious jobs in any industry is counting labels. This is because it often requires careful attention to detail over a long period. Also, counting labels manually can lead to miscalculations, which will require you to start again. That is why many companies find it very beneficial to invest in a label counter.

What is a Label Counter?

A label counter is a  machine built to provide a convenient and accurate way to count the exact quantity of labels on a roll. It uses a gap sensor to detect the space between each label. This helps it provide an accurate and consistent measurement.

Label counters are extremely useful because they are always accurate and fast. They are beneficial for any business that finds itself spending too much time counting labels for inventory. Here are a few types of label counters to be informed about.

Types of Label Counters

  • Non-Motorized Label Counters

There are many types of label counters on the market, and they come in a wide range of prices to suit any budget. Manually counting packages and reel-to-reel label counters are simple ways for people to confirm the number of labels on a roll, change the direction of the labels, and switch big rolls into smaller ones.

You can also combine a rewinder with a stand-alone unit near your printer to count printed labels. These types of label counting machines provide an excellent solution for determining the number of labels on a roll.

  • Automatic Label Counters

These high-speed label counters help users boost their production performance. They are suitable for the pharmaceutical, packaging, and printing industries. Thanks to a high-performing and intelligent algorithm, these counting machines are extremely accurate.

In addition to counting labels, some models also measure the length of a roll accurately. Also, some even feature a missing label detection mode, designed to detect a missing label with a high level of precision. This allows users to rewind and stop at the exact position of the missing label.

Benefits of Using a Label Counter

  • It eliminates the possibility of human error. When you choose to count labels manually, the occurrence of errors will be significantly higher than that of a label counter. Label counters are also reliable and fast.
  • Using label counters will also reduce employee training time, which will make employee training less expensive.
  • Label counters are also useful when it comes to improving inventory control, which translates to less overhead.

Label counters are becoming an indispensable tool for managing your printing process. For those looking to achieve a comprehensive label counting system with faster turnover, fewer errors, and lower overhead costs, you’ll need a label counter.

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