Label Unwinders

A label unwinder is a helpful tool that can make your printing process much more efficient. It works by unwinding a roll of labels at a steady and constant pace. These labels can then be applied by hand, rewound, or fed into the printer.

While a label unwinder won’t be the star of your printing process, they are often an overlooked tool. The ability to manage and store your unwound labels in an accessible way makes quick labeling jobs much more convenient. That is only one of a few benefits this device can offer any business.

Benefits of a Label Unwinder

The great thing about the label unwinder is that it can store a roll, and also dispense it efficiently, all without having the roll unravel. Other benefits of a label unwinder include:

  • Less time spent managing and dispensing labels
  • Comes in various sizes and handles multiple size cores
  • Keeps labels neat and tidy
  • Unwind at various and constant speeds

With the right set up, you could have your labels being unwound and placed neatly right beside where they are needed. This sense of organization will help things in place and prevent wasted time spent looking for your equipment.

What to Look for When Buying an Unwinder

There are powered and unpowered unwinders. Generally, a business that will be using their unwinder more often should look into a powered unwinder. They are faster than their non powered counterpart but more expensive.

When it comes to purchasing printing equipment, one of the most important factors is who you purchase it from. Labelbasic is one of the most trusted names in the industry due to our product offering and our customer service. If you are in the market for an unwinder, please peruse through our products and send a question to our team if you need any help.

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