LabelBasicCreate stunning on-demand color labels with LabelBasic Label Rolls. Perfect for home users and businesses.

We’ve designed and test to give you the best possible results. Use them to create high-end product labels, beautiful photos, and other full-color designs.

Get photo-quality results with vibrant prints using our inkjet roll label. When it comes to Blank Label Rolls, you don’t have to limit yourself to just paper. Choose from a variety of options from LabelBasic’s line of inkjet label rolls. Our roll labels are available in four different materials for use in a variety of inkjet printer models.

We offer blank labels manufactured for brands such as Epson, Primera, Afinia, and VIPColor.

LabelBasic’s inkjet labels will work in all inkjet roll label printers with a similar core size. Labels are manufactured with a 2″ inner core and 4″ outer diameter, as well as a 3″ inner core and 6″ outer diameter.

LabelBasic Matte Label Rolls

Matte Inkjet labels have a smooth, matte white face sheet with permanent adhesive. It has excellent adhesion to plastic, metals, and cardboard. The Matte finish is exceptionally abrasion-resistant and highly water-resistant making it a popular choice for lots of uses.

Our Matte Inkjet Label gives your designs a more subdued look with little glare. The satin-like surface offers a high quality feel premium brands love.

LabelBasic Glossy Labels Rolls

Glossy inkjet labels are paper-based labels using a sleek, shiny and bright white coating. The general-purpose, permanent adhesive adheres attractively to cardboard, metals and most plastics.

Our glossy labels are highly water and abrasion-resistant. They reflect light and help the colors stand out. Gloss labels are popular for their polished and professional look.

LabelBasic Matte Polypropylene Label

Matte Polypropylene Inkjet labels offer water, oil, flex-crack, and puncture resistance. In addition, these labels won’t shrink or wrinkle with changes to the environment and they result in crisp, clear text and images.

Glossy Polypropylene Inkjet Roll Labels

The Glossy Polypropylene Inkjet material, when paired with pigment ink, is an excellent choice for beverage bottles, liquids or anything that may come into contact with water or damp environments.

These Inkjet Glossy polypropylene labels have a permanent adhesive.

Questions about compatibility with your printer? We’re here to help. Contact our customer service team at 1-888-225-0986.

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