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CBD Label Best Practices You Should Follow

When you are thinking about packaging strategies for your cannabidiol and hemp products, you want to give some extra thought and consideration to the evolving regulations and rules in this area. CBD label layout is somewhat more complex compared to other types of therapeutic items.
It pays to adhere to the following five guidelines, which will help make certain your items get to store shelves with appropriate custom CBD labels.

Confirm How CBD Labeling is Regulated in Your State

The Food And Drug Administration, which will be at work on a more durable CBD licensing and labeling principle set at the federal level, has acknowledged that local and state authorities hold differing positions on CBD regulations. As a result of the patchwork nature of the recent rules, you should be aware that interstate sales of CBD-based foods are illegal, and adhere to the version in your state when creating packaging designs.

Make sure Your CBD Labels Correctly Identify Your Products

The difference between a successful product launch and an expensive recall can come to the language you are using on your custom CBD labels. For example, the FDA was particularly critical of items that make unproven health claims. Ensuring you use the ideal designation for your goods and the labels do not contain unapproved promises regarding medical value is a significant part of the labeling process.

Check for New Regulations Frequently

One of the defining characteristics of CBD labeling laws is the constant flux. The FDA reaffirmed its position as the agency responsible for CBD and hemp derivatives as part of the 2019 Farm Bill, but its official coverage on CBD products is a work in progress. When it’s been some time since you last printed CBD labels, you need to verify that the rules you were following are still valid.

Pick the Right Material and Finish

Along with creating your labels compliant with relevant rules, you need to be sure they are tough enough to avoid damage in transportation or on store shelves and visually appealing enough to draw customer attention. Together with the CBD market heating up, your sales strategy may depend on providing the best-looking, most professionally packaged items on shelves.

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