Pigment Inkjet Colour Label Printers

Pigment inkjet color label printers are ideal for printing the highly durable labels. Their pigment-based inks dry instantly and the labels do not smudge or smear. Pigment inkjet color label printers also offer better resistance to water, oils, chemicals, UV light, and abrasions when printed with certain labels.

They are best for producing labels for outdoor applications. It uses pigment-based inks that bond well with matte surfaces such as matte paper, matte polypropylene, or matte chemical label stock.

Pigment inkjet color label printers also have been GHS certified, meaning that when used with particular labels such as GHS BS5609 chemical labels, you can create a fully waterproof label that can be immersed in salt water or even withstand long-term exposure to chemicals or UV light.

Disadvantages of Pigment Color Label Printers

The colors produced tend to be duller than labels printed with dye-based inks. The pigment ink generally does not bond well with glossy coated synthetic materials like our polypropylene glossy labels.

Benefits of Pigment Color Label Printers

Among the biggest benefits of using a pigment inkjet color label printer is its ability to make extremely durable color labels for harsh environments, particularly when used with chemical labels. Pigment printed labels do not smudge or smear and are immediately ready for application once they are printed.

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