Label Terminology

Whether you are new in the labeling world or just someone looking for label definitions, label terminology can be overwhelming and confusing. Here are some of the common terminologies you should review before purchasing label rolls for your color label printer.

Continuous Rolls

Continuous Rolls are label rolls with no perforation cuts. You can use the printer cutter to cut your labels to your desired length. The only difference between the die cut along with the continuous roll labels is they will have square corners.

Die Cut Rolls

Die-Cut label rolls are labels that are cut out using a die-cut plate to make the shape you want the label to be. Die-cut may mean that your label or label will have curved corners rather than square corners. With die-cut labels, they are a lot easier to apply. Die-Cut labels are available in a range of different sizes.


Perforated material is a row that allows the label roll to be torn easily into sections along a predetermined line or lines.


When the printed image extends beyond the trim edge of the labels.

UP Labels

Labels can also be categorized by the number of tags throughout the width of the roster. 1 UP labels take up the full width of the roll. 2 UP labels are labels that cover half of the width of the roll, while 3 UP labels occupy a third of the roster and have three labels across the roll.

Matte Labels

Matte labels are paper-based labels using a sleek, white surface. The general-purpose, permanent adhesive adheres attractively to cardboard, metals and most plastics. Matte paper labels are highly water and abrasion-resistant.

Glossy Labels

Glossy paper labels are highly water and abrasion-resistant. They reflect light and aid colors pop. Gloss labels are popular for their polished and professional look.