When to Upgrade a Color Label Printer

With the majority of technology in the marketplace, like there is always a new color label printer. Color label printing technology is evolving quickly, and the label printers are becoming better and flexible with each innovation.

It’s tempting to trade up because who doesn’t want the latest technology? Nonetheless, your sense is most likely telling you to hold off until your old color label printer eventually dies. Upgrading could be financially beneficial. Here are some ideas about when to upgrade a color label printer.

Determine the number of labels you print every month. You feel you are only printing a couple of dozen labels each month, when you may be printing more. Are you printing multiple 500-count label rolls each month? That is a few thousand labels. The cost of ink for color inkjet-based label printers could turn into a determining factor.

Calculate your ink costs

You could be shocked to find that you are paying hundreds of dollars each month in ink cartridges. At higher print volumes, ink costs can turn into an inexpensive color label printer into a costly one.

Improving productivity

Increased ink efficiency isn’t the only reason to upgrade to one of the new color label printers; print speed and capacity will also be advantages. If it takes you all day to print a roll of labels, this may affect your ability to get your products shipped in a timely manner.

If your print volume has increased substantially because you bought your original color label printer, or if your color label printer cannot keep up with your production requirements, upgrading your color label printer may cut your monthly ink costs and increase your capabilities.

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