Preventing Label Application Problems

How to Store your Label Rolls

Before you load your new label rolls to your printer, make sure to hold your labels by the edges to avoid smudging or fingerprints. It’s best practice to maintain your labels in the original packaging until you are ready for printing. Store your labels at a cool, dry place to prevent humidity. For best print results, you should protect your labels from constant exposure to direct sunlight or fluorescent light.

Inspect your labels before application

Before applying labels, be sure to inspect the label roll. Regardless of whether you apply your labels by machine or by hand, damage to the label roll may pull away from the liner can cause problems during application.

The surface of your labels should be clean and dry and free of debris and oils prior to label application. LabelRolls that have been handled with bare hands are often the cause when labels fail.

Consider your environment

Label application problems are often caused by environmental conditions, usually temperature and humidity. For best results, apply labels only in dry, room-temperature conditions. Of course, it’s not always possible to avoid extreme temperatures or humidity.

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