Glossy inkjet labels are paper-based labels using a sleek, shiny and bright white coating. The general-purpose, permanent adhesive adheres attractively to cardboard, metals and most plastics. These glossy inkjet labels are great for beauty labels, product labels and horticultural labels.

Our high gloss labels are highly water and abrasion-resistant. They reflect light and help the colors stand out. Glossy labels are popular for their polished and professional look. For best results, our glossy inkjet labels work best with dye-based color label printers.

LabelBasic’s glossy inkjet label rolls will work in all inkjet roll label printers with a similar core size. Labels are manufactured with a 2″ inner core and 4″ outer diameter, as well as a 3″ inner core and 6″ outer diameter.

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When purchasing Glossy Inkjet Label Rolls for your color label printer, make sure you purchase to right sized label roll compatible with your label printer. The table below highlights the required size of compatible label rolls for your printer.

Questions about our glossy inkjet labels? We’re here to help. Contact our customer service team at 1-888-225-0986.