Chemical BS5609 Waterproof Inkjet Roll Labels

Chemical BS5609 LabelsBusinesses need to meet the GHS BS5609 certification to ensure that any chemical or drum labels are able to last in unforgiving environments, particularly those that are submerged underwater for extended periods of time. LabelBasic sells Chemical Inkjet Roll Labels for BS5069 Certified Color Label Printers.

These Chemical Label Rolls are designed for excellent adhesion to corrugated cardboard and plastics. The Waterproof BS5609 Chemical labels are able to withstand a three-month salt water submersion in the English Channel.

BS5609-certified labels are proven meet the most stringent tests for durability in the industry, and are described as an extremely durable label suitable use in harsh environmental conditions. These BS5609 Labels work best with the Epson TM-C3500 Color Label Printer.

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