Dye-based Inkjet Color Label Printers

Dye-based inkjet color label printers are best for printing labels with more vibrant colors and higher resolutions like product labels on polypropylene and glossy paper. Dye-based inkjets have the largest selection of different label materials you can print on.

It also uses dye-based inks to produce photo-quality images with the most vibrant colors. There are many different dye-based label printers available on the market. Choose the printer that fits your label design and print requirements.

Disadvantages of Dye-based Label Printers

Label durability can be a problem for some products, and exposure to sunlight can cause the color to fade. Labels are designed for indoor use only and cannot be immersed in water for lengthy periods.

Advantages of Dye-based Label Printers

Among the benefits of dye-based color label printers is the ability to produce more vibrant and brighter colors than pigment inks. For label designs with photographic quality images, dye-based label printers are the best option to make your product stand out. It works great with glossy synthetic materials like our glossy polypropylene labels.

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