Matte vs Gloss: Choosing the Right Label for your Product

In color label printing, choosing between matte and gloss is a common occurrence and this distinction can have a big impact on the overall look of a label. Do you want a matte paper or gloss paper, brite foil or dull foil, matte lamination or gloss lamination, printable or UV varnish? All these decisions can change the look of your printed label; but furthermore, there are practical implications to consider when weighing these options.

Glossy Labels

Glossy labels, as the name suggests, has a shiny finish. They are particularly well-suited for colorful designs, as the gloss tends to reflect light at the viewer. This contributes to richer-looking colors with sharper contrast. Glossy substrates hold the ink better and therefore appear more vibrant and crisp when printed. Matte paper tends to absorb and dissipate some of the ink, making it look faded and a little washed out.

Matte Labels

Matte labels, on the other hand, are less reflective and have a softer look and feel. Though they may not display colors as brightly as glossy labels, the more muted appearance of matte has many applications.

Organic Products Labels

Matte is frequently associated with organic products for its natural texture (versus the synthetic glow of gloss labels). Matte inkjet labels offer a more wholesome, unpolished look that brands want to capitalize on. The food and beverage and bath and body industries are two sectors that often utilize matte labels for this use.

If You’re Looking for a Premium Brand Feel

Matte labels are known for their ability to add a luxurious feel to a product. You can often see that with wine labels, alcohol labels, and upscale products and services. They exude elegance and add a bit of class to a luxurious product.

If you are going for Eye-Catching & Vibrant Look

The added shine of gloss inkjet labels reflects light that strikes it, grabbing the attention of customers and accentuating the colors printed on your label. This increases the contrast of your image, which makes the colors more intense. Think back to when we had to get photographs printed — full-color photos and designs with intricate details were striking when printed on glossy labels. The same principle applies to labels.

Start Shopping

If you’ve decided on matte of glossy labels for your products or business, explore your options for color label printers. Our matte and glossy inkjet labels work great with a variety of different products and projects.

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