4 Benefits of Purchasing a Color Label Printer for Roll Label Printing

When a product is initially launched, businesses frequently take the easy route of using sheet labels for production. Small businesses, in particular, find that in-house label printing is more affordable for those initial manufacturing runs of lower quantities.

As demand grows, however, labor-intensive sheet labels become less practical and more of a hassle. That’s when it’s time to consider switching to purchasing a color label printer. Here are the top five benefits of printing color label roll labels on-demand:

Automating Your Production

When starting out producing a few products, such as applying sheet labels by hand, it doesn’t take that long for employees to perform. As you produce more products, you are going to start looking for ways to introduce efficiencies in your assembly process.

It becomes obvious that some valued employees’ time could be spent on other activities like sales and marketing, rather than cutting and pasting labels. So adding an automated label applicator to the assembly line starts to make a lot more sense.

Systems like this are based on roll labels that are continuously fed at high speed with minimal labor required. The benefits of automating your labeling process include less waste caused by the trial-and-error alignment of labels on an individual basis; more accurate machine-fed label positioning; and decreased label wrinkling, misprints or other blemishes because of human error.

Saving Money

Generally, color label printing roll labels cost less to print and waste less paper than in-house processes employing label sheets from an office goods superstore. Add to that the savings in labor when you remove the time-intensive hand application of labels. Plus, automatic roll-fed labels help accelerate the entire assembly process. Since time is money, you can benefit from quicker manufacturing and fewer delays getting products from distributors and customers with labels on a roll.

Gaining Versatility

When you’re working with roll labels, you may easily print custom product labels in a wide variety of various shapes and sizes to suit your requirements. That allows more flexibility and creativity when designing your own packaging. You can do special runs of little promotional labels for sales events and seasonal advertising pushes.

Printing Large Or Small Quantities

On demanded printed roll labels will allow you to print labels to your exact specifications. Whether it is a short run of labels or larger amounts for high-volume manufacturing operations, a color label printer makes it possible.

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